National Academy Placement and training Cell providing campus recruitment training for the students who are wanting to enter corporate organization world and introduce them to the possible employers consistent with their aspirations and background. The coaching programs are developed when an intensive analysis of the distinctive demand of assorted firms because the needed skills can vary consistent with the company’s requirement. We have a tendency to impart this educational program with the assistance of acknowledged coaching Institutes. They allow our students to achieve a competitive draw near the achievement method, groom their confidence and develop their personality.
The coaching modules are developed to enhance our students’ skills like:
Presentation Skills.
Interpersonal Skills.
Verbal Reasoning.
Group Discussion.
Logical Reasoning.
Core subjects coaching.
Industrial coaching like Student Induction, business Up-Skilling , business Interface Etc.

Selection Process of IT Companies

Various stages of the selection process remain, broadly, the same for these companies, with some slight variations. These variations could be in the form of an additional or less number of stages for some companies.
The following are the stages that students normally go through as a part of Campus Recruitment:
1.Aptitude Test
2.Group Discussion

Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test is one of the necessary parts in the whole plan of the determination procedure. The territories typically shrouded in the aptitude test of most organizations are Quantitative capacity, Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Basic Computer Skills. These tests are very much organized. The sort of inquiries that are asked or the points that are tried depends totally on the organization directing the test. Each organization has its own example.

Group Discussion

A group discussion is conducted to test the interpersonal, including communication, skills of candidates. It also tests a candidate's knowledge and his ability to link the facts. In a Group Discussion, a group of students is asked to discuss a topic given to them. The topics that are given in Group Discussion are of two types – Knowledge based and Abstract. Group Discussion is conducted to test certain key attributes in you. You would be tested for your clarity of thought and clarity of language. The companies, also, test your ability to understand and structure a response to the topic. Your leadership skills are also put to test during Group Discussion. In order to do well in GD, you need to read newspapers, magazines regularly.


Technical Interviews independently, while some different organizations join both sorts in a solitary meeting. The meetings are led to test a competitor's information of self, his vocation arranges, pastimes, interests, accomplishments, learning about his specialization and so forth. Inquiries can be drawn from any territory. It is normal that you have an unmistakable profession objective or target when you confront a meeting board. On the off chance that you are from the bureau of Electronics Engineering and you are applying to TCS, then it is normal that you have great charge over the subjects you have learnt in your designing. In the meantime, you have to show enthusiasm for the field of IT and think of a persuading answer in the matter of why you are moving your field from "Gadgets Engineering" to "IT". In general, your certainty and your insight are the key properties which would be checked here. Each of these stages is eliminatory.

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