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Like IELTS, Pearson Test Of English, truncated as PTE has two modules: PTE Academic (appropriate in Top Universities);PTE General (for getting steady employments). PTE is recognized by all the huge colleges of United States and United Kingdom. The believability of Pearson Test Of English has 100% acknowledgment in Australia. The best some portion of this test is that the outcomes gets reported inside 5 days. This has made it exceptionally prevalent.
Test Fees
In India the enlistment expenses for PTE Academic Test is Rs. 8,000/ - . The test scores can be sent to any number of establishments for nothing.
Test Modules
The test structure is extensively partitioned into four areas which is further dispersed into 3 sections. The distinctive and fundamental areas as said above seem to be:
Three abilities (Speaking, Writing and Reading) are assessed through PC framework while in the listening test, the voice of the candidates are properly recorded in an approach to make the examination blunder free.


The Listening Test of IELTS for both the parts (or modules) is the same. It is taken first during the exam in the time span of half an hour. It consist of mainly 4 sections of this test. Each section consist of different questions which are related to conversation in context of: • social • academic All total, there are 40 questions and at the end of each part, you get some time to double check your answers. You get 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the full IELTS listening test. You need to show up a careful listening so that you listen and make out each bit of it easily because the recording will be played for ONCE. VARIOUS KINDS OF CONVERSATIONS The listening test of IELTS is conducted in four different sections which probably focus on variant kinds of speech. Look for the detail below: Section 1 – Consist of 2 speakers with a speech based on transactional dialogue or social Section 2 – Consist of 1 speaker with a precise speech on any general topic Section 3 – Consist of 2-4 speakers with a conversation on any of the educational or training subject Section 4 – Consist of 1 speaker with a talk on any of general subject of academical interest IELTS SPEAKING The IELTS Speaking test is conducted in a personal interview (PI) form, in which the examiner look for how communicative you are and how well you speak up. It is a test of basic British Spoken English skills. All the other test are conducted in one day except Speaking Module. It can be possibly conducted in one day, or maybe in the duration of 7 days or perhaps before the test of the other parts. Speaking being the most crucial and important part of the IELTS Speaking test. This is conducted in the form of Face-To-Face interview. Here the interviewer judges the candidate’s fluency, confidence, and comfort level in British English speaking power. This session of the interview is recorded for future judgement and probably for rechecking. The speaking test of IELTS last for maximum 15 minutes. These are the main factors to judge your capability of:
• Table your opinions, ideas and knowledge on general topics.
• Just speak up on allotted topic for the given time.
• Be logical. Manage your thoughts and opinion accordingly.
• Justify your the viewpoints that you convey. Make it clear.