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Long years of teaching experience within the arena of IIT-JEE over the years and also in depth analysis applied over the student’s difficulties . National Academy for excellence is that the outcome of that thought & approach of holistic guidance for IIT-JEE. The concept of Interaction Hours & Interactive Analysis was conceptualized specifically for this purpose. It redefined the word competition for IIT-JEE aspirants and adjusted the dynamics of preparation for IIT-JEE. This generated lots of interest & competition and was welcome irresistibly & received well with great enthusiasm. Therefore our organization for excellence & became absolutely operational specifically to guide the IIT-JEE aspirants. Its distinctive outlook & temperament nurtures autonomy, independence & self-governance. Teaching Techniques: The endlessly evolving teaching techniques developed & innovated for IIT-JEE aspirants by our extremely dedicated, devoted & practiced team is predicated on the necessity each & every student & designed on the theme that, once students will keep in mind the songs or story of a movie by looking it for 3 hours, then why can’t they keep in mind the topic they learn unendingly for years along.